Fix Your Walls

Fix Your Walls

Schedule drywall repair and painting in Lubbock, TX

Picture this: You've come home with a brand new 65-inch ultra HD television. When you're attempting to set it up, it falls over, punching a hole in your drywall. Your TV still works, but you're forced to eye the hole every time you try to relax. Rely on Top of Texas Painting to fix your walls in Lubbock, TX.

We offer drywall repair and interior painting to make sure you that don't have to put up with frustrating wear and tear. Reach out to us to schedule our services in no time.

Your home will look better than ever

Depend on us to provide you with:

  • Interior painting for walls and ceilings
  • Cabinet staining and finishing
  • Drywall repair for walls and ceilings
  • Decorative finishing

Top of Texas Painting is registered with the Better Business Bureau because we provide quality results. In fact, our painting can last years and can endure most wear and tear. Expect ceiling and wall repairs to take up to two to three days because we do things the right way. Contact us at 806-687-0683 to schedule wall painting and repairs in Lubbock, TX.