Design the Perfect Workspace

Design the Perfect Workspace

Get commercial painting in Lubbock, TX

Imagine you're walking into an important business meeting that you've been preparing for weeks. When you enter your office building, you notice that the walls look subpar. The drywall is worn and torn and the white paint is starting to fade. Now, instead of reciting your presentation, you're concerned how this might reflect badly on you. Allow Top of Texas Painting to upgrade your office building with commercial painting services in Lubbock, TX.

Our commercial painting services will bring a professional image back to your office. We'll complete all of the preparation and restoration work you need done at your office. Contact us at 806-687-0683 to schedule a free design consultation today.

Schedule a design consultation

A unique aspect of our commercial painting service is that we provide free design consultation. In our consultation we will discuss:

  • Your interior wall and ceiling restoration and painting needs
  • Which paint color and finish is best for your space
  • Any changes you want to make to the mock-up we've prepared

We can conduct a consultation over the phone or in person. Typically, our consultation lasts about two hours to ensure we don't miss important details.

Trust Top of Texas Painting to provide top-notch commercial painting service in Lubbock, TX. Reach out today to schedule a free design consultation.